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      電話 (TEL): 0571-87320720 0571-87322886 86-18957120975
      傳真 (FAX): 0571-87322887
      郵編 (P.C.): 310024
      電子郵箱 (E-MAIL): hzdtdhzw@163.com cntaiho@163.com kyyao@zjmtd.com.cn
        公司生産的“TAIHO”品牌軸瓦是國内注冊專利産品,在市場上享有很高的知名度,已廣泛地被國内汽車生産企業選作指定 産品,2007年還被國外大型行業采購商列為指定采購産品。公司連續十三年被杭州市政府授予重合同守信用單位;浙江省AA級誠信企業;浙江省優質零部件企業,并通過中國質量認證中心(CQC)ISO9001質量體系認證。經過多年的技術發展,公司擁有先進的全自動“沖壓”生産線,大大提高了軸瓦鋼性強度和表面光潔度,配備先進的檢測設備、嚴格的質量管理,确保軸瓦質量優質可靠。
      About Us
      Hangzhou Daido Taiho Bush Bearing Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a well-known bushing manufacture enterprise in the homeland. It collects with scientific research development, production and sales. The company specializes in the manufacturing every kind of engine bearings, bushings, valves, thrust washers, crankshafts and other draw & grind products which are used for equipments including all kinds of cars, motorcycles, construction machineries, gas engines, compressors, refrigerating machines and so on. These products are sold to more than 30 provinces, cities and municipalities, exported to many developed countries including Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia etc.

      The “TAIHO” bushing made by company is products enrolled patent in homeland, enjoying high notability on the marketplace and they are selected appointment products by national cars production enterprise, being selected appointment purchasing products by international large-scale industry. The company is awarded “the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit”; Zhejiang Province AA level faithful enterprise; Zhejiang provincial high grade component and spare parts enterprise by Hangzhou municipal government with attestation by CQC ISO9001 quality system. With years of technical research & development, the company has possessed advanced full-automatic “stamp” production line, enhancing the bush bearing’s rigidity and intensity, and the smoothness of surface greatly, allocating advanced examine equipment, strict quality control. These can ensure the high grade quality of bush bearings. 

      Hangzhou Daido Taiho Bush Bearing Manufacture Co., Ltd. makes great efforts to lead and guide the automobile industry by advanced technology, quality, brand, service and to create the Chinese world brand.